Mark Blaser

Age: 46

Racing Category: Master III

Favorite Food/Beer: Boont Porter

Favorite Artist or Band: B.B. King

Favorite Rider: Lance Armstrong

Favorite Thing About Cycling: Climbing

Pet Peeve: Too much whining

Quote: “What could have happened did.” – Dreamer Tatum

For 29 years Mark has been a finely tuned competitive athlete. His resume is as impressive as it is long, but Mark isn’t just some “dumb jock”. When he’s not racing he can be found at Shasta College where he teaches chemistry. His former career as a professional triathlete found him competing against, and beating, some of the best athletes in the world. He has finished 13th at the Hawaii Ironman World Championships and second at the Japan Strongman Championships. Mark’s goals for 2003 include winning a Master National Championship title and the California Climbing Championships.

Mike “Boom Boom” Bohannon

Age: 34

Racing Category: Senior III

Favorite Food/Beer: Great White

Favorite Artist or Band: Radio Head/ Portois Head

Favorite Rider: Sean Kelly

Favorite Thing About Cycling: The journey and the adventure

Pet Peeve: “I don’t have any pets”

Quote: “Mines bigger than yours”- Unknown

Mike has been racing bicycles since he was 12 years old. He possesses cat-like reflexes and bike handling skills second to none. During his career as a professional downhill mountain bike racer he appeared in several extreme mountain bike videos and was featured in a Reebok commercial that aired during the Super Bowl, on MTV and ESPN. While not riding his bike or playing video games, Mike found the time to start his own bicycle accessories and clothing business and if that doesn’t keep him busy, he can be found in the operating room at Mercy Medical Center where he is a Registered Nurse (and sometimes patient.)

Jonz Norine

Age: 34

Racing Category: Senior III

Favorite Food/Beer: Tater Tot Hot Dish (yes, he is from the midwest)

Favorite Artist or Band: Cocteau Twins

Favorite Rider: Jan Ulrich

Favorite Thing About Cycling: The way it feels when it’s over

Pet Peeve: Whiners

Quote: “Pain is temporary, glory is forever, chicks dig scars.”

Jonz’s profession as an attorney forces him to be calm and collected as well as aggressive. A good bike racer must possess these same qualities. Jonz is the “Jack of all trades” cyclist capable of doing everything quite well. In 2002 he was second at the very prestigious Tour of Nevada City Race. This year with the help of a strong team, he hopes to be on the top spot of the podium.

Aaron Norman

Age: 26

Racing Category: Senior II

Favorite Food/Beer: Thai Cuisine or good authentic Mexican food. “Beer?, anything as long as I’m not training, therefore, I don’t drink much, but if I have to pick one I’ll say Guiness for the sake of argument”.

Favorite Artist or Band: “I can only pick one”?

Favorite Rider: Lance Armstrong- hands down

Favorite Thing about Cycling: Everything! “Nothing has ever captivated my interest like cycling has. In one year I have discovered a life long passion and hopefully a career.”

Pet Peeve: Negativity

Quote: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”- Eleanor Roosevelt

Aaron is one of those naturally gifted athletes who can master any sport in the time that it takes most of us to order dinner at a French restaurant. Aaron is Redding Velo’s strongest rider. In the past six months, he has logged over 11,000 miles on his bike and has already won three out of four races he has competed in this season. What happened in the 4th race? Luckily for the other racers, he flatted. With his blinding speed and boyish good looks, he wins hearts as fast as he wins races. Most of your friends and colleagues already know Lance Armstrong; in a few short years, they may also know the name Aaron Norman.

James Odbert

Age: 36

Racing Category: Master III

Favorite Food/Beer: Pizza and Pale Ale! (he has to run around in the shower just to get wet)

Favorite Artist or Band: Blues- Johnny Lang, Stevie Ray Vaughn, B.B. King etc..

Favorite Rider: Bart Wellens

Favorite Thing About Cycling: Being Outside

Pet Peeve: People who go hard early in a ride then go home.

Quote: “Pain is just weakness leaving the body.”

James is what cyclists call an “angel of the mountain”. When the hills are long and steep, James seems to dance effortlessly on the pedals of his bicycle. When the air gets thin, this is when James really punishes his competition. James also has a penchant for tight, twisty mountain bike trails, he helps build and maintain many of the trails used for the Chris King Mountain and Cyclo Cross Series.

“Iron”Mike Simpson

Age: 43

Racing Category: Master III

Favorite Food/Beer: Eight Ball Stout

Favorite Artist or Band: Rage Against the Machine

Favorite Rider: Laurent Jalabert

Favorite Thing About Cycling: Freedom

Pet Peeve: Riders that don’t wave back

Quote: “Shut up and hammer.”

Mike embodies the enthusiasm of the Redding Velo Team. He lives his life at full throttle, whether at work as an Intensive Care Nurse at Mercy Medical Center, competing in a multi day eco-challenge race, or sprinting his bike towards the finish line. Built like half bronc rider and half bike rider, Mike utilizes his size and muscle to attain favorable positions in the pack. Once in position, he can use his power to sprint to victory.

“Stompin” Stu Streeter

Age: 26

Racing Category: Senior III

Favorite Food/Beer: Chicken Marsala and merlot

Favorite Artist or Band: Dave Mathews Band, John Mayer, Jack Johnson

Favorite Rider: Stuart O’Grady, Johan Museeau

Favorite Thing About Cycling: “Marrying chess like strategy with diversity in fitness”

Pet Peeve: Truckers who see cyclist as targets

Quote: “If peeing your pants is cool, consider me Miles Davis”- Adam Sandler

Stu is a Youth Pastor at Crossroads Bible Fellowship, where he guides young people in positive ways to make good decisions. He plays a similar role in the Redding Velo Team. With over one hundred races as a Category-2 rider under his belt, Stu is the most experienced road racer on the team as well as the eyes and ears of the team. Like a quarterback, he organizes the team and calls the plays during the race