Training Rides

Our Saturday Morning Rides occur all year long. We leave from Sue’s Java Cafe at 9:00 dull every Saturday and ride anywhere from 2-5 hours depending on where we are in our training. Anywhere from 3-20 riders will show up, and the ride occassionally breaks up into ‘slow’ and ‘fast’ groups. We also have a “no drop and leave” policy, so there’s no excuse not to show up. Sue’s Java Cafe is located in a strip mall at 1712 Churn Creek Road (caution: there’s another Sue’s Java on Market St.!)

Our Wednesday Night Grand Prix generally starts when we go on daylight savings time and ends when we go back to normal time. This “series” culminates in the Wednesday Night World Championships, an October tradition dating from the very midst of time. We leave at 5:00pm from West and Gold streets in downtown Redding. There are two groups, the larger one goes about 20 miles at a relatively quick pace, although there are a couple points where the group waits. There’s a good mix of women, geezers and young bucks on this ride. The other group goes 30-50 miles and generally hammers until somebody starts crying or throws up. Actually, it would be untruthful to say that the hammering stops if someone cries or throws up. In fact, signs of weakness are generally interpreted as a signal to attack.